Accessory Trends and the Movies

There are several unique and interesting trends in accessories this year that are certain to make their way into many of the movies that are heading to production. Costume designers have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that they are ready to dress an actor in the latest style, should a script call for it.

This year, one hot accessory trend is the obi belt. This wraparound belt style is derived from the belts traditionally used with Japanese kimonos. The styles vary widely, from understated size and material to big and boldly colored.

Bangle bracelets are another hot accessory trend. One bangle is not enough – wearers are piling them on and mixing and matching colors and materials. Look for bangles made of plastic, metal, wood and a combination of materials. A bonus is that bangles are an inexpensive way to make a bold style statement – perfect for a costume designer who needs to dress an actor on a budget.

Purses are always a hot accessory item. For the past several years big purses were “in.” Now, small and medium sized purses seem to be gaining more popularity. This year, designers have added tassels of different sizes to many of their creations. The tassels add movement and interest to the bags, and would look great on screen.

Finally, watch for a changing trends in sunglasses. For years now big black sunglasses with dark lenses have been the standard. But now, as all things 1970s seem to be coming back in vogue, so too are the large tinted sunglasses of the era. Designers are now making these with a modern twist by using much brighter colors. These types of sunglasses are certain to appear in many movies and television shows soon.

Jewelry Fashion Shows

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Jewelry fashion shows offer excellent venues for announcing and featuring all types of new jewelry trends and necessary accessories. It is possible to select an entire season’s worth of new jewelry pieces at a single jewelry fashion show when you have the opportunity to view all of the new trends at the same time.

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