How to Become a Costume Designer

Designing costumes for film and theater can be a fun, exciting and rewarding career. But while you do need to have a good set of innate creative and artistic ability, you will also need to hone those skills through a formal education program. Luckily, there are good fashion design schools with costume design programs all across the country.

When you look at costume design education programs, you will find 2-year Associate degree programs, and 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs. Either will give you a good foundation and teach you the basics, but you will of course learn much more in a 4-year program. Choose what fits your needs and your budget.

When you are in school, you will learn about all aspects of costume design, including the differences of designing for film versus theater, how to work with the director and set designer, and much more. To be successful in school and in your career, you will need to have a good working knowledge of history, enjoy research, and have a thorough understanding of fabrics, sewing and fashion trends.

While you are in the later stages of your schooling, you will also want to look for good internship opportunities. This real-world experience will help you develop your abilities as a costume designer and give you an edge over the competition. To find an internship, look into school film and theater productions, and into projects with community theaters or production houses.

The job outlook for costume designers is stable, but does ebb and flow with the fortunes of the entertainment industry. To best establish yourself for a successful career, get a good education and internship under your belt.

The Road to Becoming a Designer

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Becoming a designer in the fashion industry is the dream of many aspiring stylists and designers. It is a goal that is very reachable if the person is motivated and willing to learn. The industry is highly competitive, and there are many people who choose to give up before they reach their goals and dreams. However, becoming a designer has many multiple benefits for the person who is willing to hang in there and make it all happen.

First, determine what is driving your desire to design. Do you have a flair for style? Do you enjoy and get great satisfaction from seeing a design form or come to life with your creativity? These are the marks of a true designer who has the heart for the craft. That person is willing to learn and look out for any opportunities that come their way where they will be able to use their skills.

Next, find a way to enhance and build your education for a career in the field of designing. Find a design school, either offline or online, to attend to get more knowledge and education about your industry. You enhance your chances of getting jobs or getting hired if you show education and other training on your resume.

Always stay teachable from those around you in every capacity. Whether that’s your school instructor or your peers, being teachable is a very important part of what makes a student a great success.

It’s important to always make yourself available for any chances that come your way, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Whether it’s a small part in costume designing for the local high school, or the chance to work with a celebrity, all opportunities are worth the effort. You should take each and every one of them as you travel on the road towards your designing dream.

The Rules of Fashion

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What are the rules of fashion? Are there really any hard and fast rules that a person must observe?

Fashion is a relative idea. What appeals to one person may or may not appeal to another person. Therefore, the first rule of fashion is…that there are no rules! But for the sake of keeping fashion on a creative level, there are some tips that designers follow and people follow so as to keep things flowing smoothly for them.

- Always give fashion credit. This normally applies to designers and creative people. This means that if your design, your style or look was inspired by someone, give them credit for the design and tell what the inspired part was. It’s in poor taste to take credit for something that you didn’t have any part in.

- Go with what works. But remember, to keep your fashion smooth looking. Be free-spirited and use your creativity, but also have a reasoning behind what your choices were. It’s likely that no one will question why you’ve chosen what you have, but the likelihood is still there. In other words, are you pairing ankle boots with leggings and a short to get noticed, or for functional convenience? It’s always good to be able to explain your fashion choices.

- Let your inspirations show through. Creativity is the hallmark of all good fashions. When a person is inspired, they feel good when they are allowed to let their choices show through and get the attention they want for it. This also inspires others and can spark creativity in them as well.

Following rules is too constricting and too stifling. That would be just following rules for the sake of it. But by observing a few unspoken tips, you will find that it’s much easier and better for fostering creative energy.

Jewelry Fashion Shows

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Well-positioned jewelry fashion shows are in the enviable position of highlighting the TW Steel Company as an innovator in jewelry. The company first became famous as a result of its making popular its brand of large, functional watches as its signature product.
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Jewelry fashion shows offer excellent venues for announcing and featuring all types of new jewelry trends and necessary accessories. It is possible to select an entire season’s worth of new jewelry pieces at a single jewelry fashion show when you have the opportunity to view all of the new trends at the same time.

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Attending Design Schools Online

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For the really creative, artsy person who wants to explore their flair for design and style, the best way to achieve that is for them to tap into as many resources as they can. This may include going to some type of formal school in order to achieve the education and skills that are necessary to obtain a job in the market. There are many individuals who decide to attend school either in a local school or online. Pursuing an online education degree has quickly become a method of choice since it offers such flexibility and convenience for the aspiring design student.

Attending school online does offer multiple benefits. The student can work in the fashion and styling industry alongside going to school at the same time. They wouldn’t have to sacrifice either one to satisfy the other.

By going to school online, they are also able to immediately apply the knowledge they have obtained. They can use this as they acquire it and help further their aspiring careers along at the same time. It’s also good theory in practice to be able to readily apply skills learned through their lessons.

If the student attends a design school that is large enough, they may also have access to other students so that they can share ideas, get feedback and have a resource pool of information from their fellow students.

There seems to also be a larger selection of design topics and courses of study to choose from with the online education portals. Students that have more options tend to choose their areas of study more carefully, and also tend to stay with their pursuits longer. This is usually because they can find the things that appeal to them and satisfy them best. If they are happy, their chances at achieving their goals are greater and more likelier.

How Fashion Reality Shows Affect Fashion

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The fashion reality television shows that are on the air today have more of an affect on viewer watching than most people realize. The reality shows depict the actions of real life people and their points of view on different matters. Many of these television characters become celebrities in their own way. Viewers begin to look at them as more than a cast of characters.

As more drama and interaction is built into the story lines, the characters popularity begins to grow and attract more of the viewer’s attention. This also creates more of a demand of the reality television characters, and more of a curiosity of what’s going on in their lives.

Fashion reality shows take a group of fashion designers, stylists and models and places them all together to see how they will behave and interact with each other. They are usually given a project to complete as a team or in rare cases, alone. As the show depicts them going about their daily routines of completing the project, the show also depicts what the character’s own choices and thoughts are concerning fashion and style.

Over time, the reality shows become popular, and the character’s opinions become news for the fashion magazines. Once the fashion and style community has an idea of what’s trendy on the reality show set, they begin to showcase those ideas to the public. This is when fashion trends begin to change, because the consumer audience wants what they see depicted on the shows. Especially if there is a favorite character, drama or the persons design was especially popular, the demand and search for their item can be extensive.

Designers usually tap into this demand quickly and go with the flow of the trend. Fashions change, demands change and styles change, all based on the very real reality shows story lines.