The Mental Effect of Various Colors

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

When you see certain colors, you may experience certain emotions. For instance, the color red may invoke creativity and make you feel inspired. The same thing holds true for other colors, and various studies have been conducted to prove that theory.

For instance, if you have ever noticed the color in restaurants, you will see that brown and gold are most often the popular color of choice. That’s because research has shown that those colors strike hunger signals in a person’s mind, and in a restaurant, that’s an ideal situation. Those colors make the customers hungrier, and what better place to satisfy that urge!

In fashion, colors are very important as well for stimulating certain areas of the brain and creating a mood. Colors are also good for sparking creativity and helping to shape the presentation of a fashion design or piece.

Do you want to create a peaceful, calming feeling? Surround yourself with white and off-white to achieve that. The mind pictures feelings of being carefree, open and stress-free.

What about a feeling of softness and being gentle? Then pink is your color to be able to achieve that. Along with that comes feelings too of romanticism and beauty.

If you want to feel strong, powerful and regal, then you’ll need lots of purple in your life. Maybe even a hint of red as well. These strong, bold colors will do the trick.

For a feeling of being bright, airy and whimsical, yellow is then the color that will keep you light on your feet.

The mind is very powerful and able to grasp a lot of information at one time. Colors affect the mental state of a person in a varied amount of ways, so it’s always good to surround yourself with colors and see what the interesting results can be.