Costume Designers: More Than Just Costumes

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When you think about costume designing, like most people you probably have a vision in your head of turn of the century dresses for women and the lavish costumes you see on stage and in the theater. Although this is true, there is also a more mainstream side to costume designing.

The clothes that you see characters wearing on TV and in the movies have to be chosen and put together by someone who knows fashion, and they are considered costumes. When a movie is produced the writer, director, and producer all have a vision of what the scene is supposed to look like and this includes what all the characters in the scene are wearing.

In order to put costumes or clothes together for characters you need to have an eye for fashion, and you need to be able to put the whole package together. In order to do this you may need to draw sketches to show producers what you have in mind. You also need to be able to find the clothes for the characters to wear. This could mean hitting the streets and shopping for just the right outfit.

After the clothes are chosen, a costume designer will also work with the set designers to make sure everything works together, and they will also work with the fitters and the actors to make sure everything fits properly and looks right once it is all put together.

So although costume designing can mean coming up with out of the ordinary and period clothing, it can also be a more mainstream job for a person who has a background in fashion and an eye for detail.

Accessory Trends and the Movies

There are several unique and interesting trends in accessories this year that are certain to make their way into many of the movies that are heading to production. Costume designers have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that they are ready to dress an actor in the latest style, should a script call for it.

This year, one hot accessory trend is the obi belt. This wraparound belt style is derived from the belts traditionally used with Japanese kimonos. The styles vary widely, from understated size and material to big and boldly colored.

Bangle bracelets are another hot accessory trend. One bangle is not enough – wearers are piling them on and mixing and matching colors and materials. Look for bangles made of plastic, metal, wood and a combination of materials. A bonus is that bangles are an inexpensive way to make a bold style statement – perfect for a costume designer who needs to dress an actor on a budget.

Purses are always a hot accessory item. For the past several years big purses were “in.” Now, small and medium sized purses seem to be gaining more popularity. This year, designers have added tassels of different sizes to many of their creations. The tassels add movement and interest to the bags, and would look great on screen.

Finally, watch for a changing trends in sunglasses. For years now big black sunglasses with dark lenses have been the standard. But now, as all things 1970s seem to be coming back in vogue, so too are the large tinted sunglasses of the era. Designers are now making these with a modern twist by using much brighter colors. These types of sunglasses are certain to appear in many movies and television shows soon.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

This show is about prominent housewives in the Atlanta area. While the show is not specifically geared toward the fashion industry, a couple of the housewives attempted to create their own fashion lines. This made for great entertainment.

The show proves that it takes more than a sense of style to become a fashion designer or to create a fashion line. Of course, the wives hire designers to create the fashions. Reality TV shows like this can provide starving fashion designers some work. It seems everyone wants to create their clothing line and they must hire designers that will create the line for them.

For fashion lovers, this is a great show to watch. Watching inexperienced women attempt to launch a successful clothing line is comical. They have no idea how difficult it is to launch a successful line. These women rely on their love of fashion, however, that is not enough.

The fashion shows that these women lined up were a disaster and the clothes were awful. They must have hired inexperienced designers, because the clothes were tacky at best. What is even more laughable, both women thought their shows were a success. They also thought their clothing line was to die for. You would probably die if you actually had to wear them.

Neither of the women would admit to defeat. In addition, there friends told them the shows and clothes were wonderful. So, they probably did believe their clothing lines were great.

For some reason people have the impression that being a fashion designer and creating a clothing line is easy. Well, anyone can create a clothing line. The trick is creating a successful clothing line. To create a successful clothing line you need talent, skill and a tremendous amount of hard work. This show proves it takes more than just a sense of style to create a clothing line.

The Job of a Costume Designer

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What is the job of a costume designer? Is it to simply dress the actor or actresses, and put some earrings and other accessories on them to complete the look?

Costume designers have the job of making sure that the actor, actress, entertainer or celebrity looks stunning, appealing and makes a lasting impression at the first glimpse. They have the knowledge of understanding the importance of incorporating appeal with color and style into their presentations. Their decisions on costume selections and presentations can do a lot to affect the industry overall.

The job of a costume designer does include the task of selecting colors, materials and accessories, but the overall job of their role is so much more involved.

1.) Depending on the role cast or the entertainer’s theme, they have to select their wardrobe that fits in with the theme. To do this, they may have to research the event to find out more information to help them decide on which way to go with the presentation. They may also have to do a bit of research to find out any history or pertinent material on what they’re trying to design a costume for. All of this makes a difference in how and what they decide to do as a result.

2.) Selecting the costumes depends also on the entertainer’s or the celebrity’s preference and style. The costume designer may have a great idea for a costume, but if it doesn’t fit the personality of the celebrity, it may not go over so well. This is often only important if the celebrity is a big name person. On other events, the costume designer gets to use their own creative judgment when it comes to using a particular design or theme.

The designer should always take these things into consideration when doing their jobs. They can help them make the right choices and help everybody shine.

Jewelry Fashion Shows

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Jewelry fashion shows offer excellent venues for announcing and featuring all types of new jewelry trends and necessary accessories. It is possible to select an entire season’s worth of new jewelry pieces at a single jewelry fashion show when you have the opportunity to view all of the new trends at the same time.

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Attending Design Schools Online

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For the really creative, artsy person who wants to explore their flair for design and style, the best way to achieve that is for them to tap into as many resources as they can. This may include going to some type of formal school in order to achieve the education and skills that are necessary to obtain a job in the market. There are many individuals who decide to attend school either in a local school or online. Pursuing an online education degree has quickly become a method of choice since it offers such flexibility and convenience for the aspiring design student.

Attending school online does offer multiple benefits. The student can work in the fashion and styling industry alongside going to school at the same time. They wouldn’t have to sacrifice either one to satisfy the other.

By going to school online, they are also able to immediately apply the knowledge they have obtained. They can use this as they acquire it and help further their aspiring careers along at the same time. It’s also good theory in practice to be able to readily apply skills learned through their lessons.

If the student attends a design school that is large enough, they may also have access to other students so that they can share ideas, get feedback and have a resource pool of information from their fellow students.

There seems to also be a larger selection of design topics and courses of study to choose from with the online education portals. Students that have more options tend to choose their areas of study more carefully, and also tend to stay with their pursuits longer. This is usually because they can find the things that appeal to them and satisfy them best. If they are happy, their chances at achieving their goals are greater and more likelier.

How Fashion Reality Shows Affect Fashion

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The fashion reality television shows that are on the air today have more of an affect on viewer watching than most people realize. The reality shows depict the actions of real life people and their points of view on different matters. Many of these television characters become celebrities in their own way. Viewers begin to look at them as more than a cast of characters.

As more drama and interaction is built into the story lines, the characters popularity begins to grow and attract more of the viewer’s attention. This also creates more of a demand of the reality television characters, and more of a curiosity of what’s going on in their lives.

Fashion reality shows take a group of fashion designers, stylists and models and places them all together to see how they will behave and interact with each other. They are usually given a project to complete as a team or in rare cases, alone. As the show depicts them going about their daily routines of completing the project, the show also depicts what the character’s own choices and thoughts are concerning fashion and style.

Over time, the reality shows become popular, and the character’s opinions become news for the fashion magazines. Once the fashion and style community has an idea of what’s trendy on the reality show set, they begin to showcase those ideas to the public. This is when fashion trends begin to change, because the consumer audience wants what they see depicted on the shows. Especially if there is a favorite character, drama or the persons design was especially popular, the demand and search for their item can be extensive.

Designers usually tap into this demand quickly and go with the flow of the trend. Fashions change, demands change and styles change, all based on the very real reality shows story lines.

How to Match Colors

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It can be a challenging duel to try and match colors if you’re not very adept at doing it. Many people have a hard time trying to decipher shades of different colors, and trying to find out what colors are complementary and work best together. But is it really that big of a deal on what colors look like and how well they go together?

In fashion, color is everything and yes, it is a huge deal! The mystery behind colors in fashion is that there is no right or wrong application to making colors work. You can put different colors together, create a look with opposite colors and even break color “rules” and do what you want. So why is it such a big deal?

For one, in fashion, the way you put colors together have a lot to do with what people will perceive as something that “looks good.” If you put together red and pink, you should add a splash of other things that incorporate those colors so that it all blends in together and makes a cohesive presentation.

Matching only requires a sharp eye. If you know what is eye-catching and appealing, then you know what you can put together that will make the same effect with other people. To match colors together, place them side by side, stacked and away from each other to see how they present and also how they contrast.

You can also safely match colors by using a color wheel to see what colors complement one another and which ones oppose one another. Large color wheels will give you samples of colors from all over the color spectrum. You can see hues, shades and density on many wheels. The color wheel is used by many stylists and designers to help them do their jobs.